Imran Khan’s New Book Recommendation for December: ‘History of The Pathans’

The PM seems to be connecting with his ethnic heritage.

Imran Khan is known to urge Pakistanis to get acquainted with their own regional and national culture and has encouraged people to read books. Over the time, he has recommended books from from personal reading lists to people, and this time he suggested we read ‘History of the Pathans‘ by Brigadier(R) Haroon Rashid.

In an Instagram post, the premier revealed what his book recommendation for this month is.

“This month I recommend the book History of the Pathans by Brig (r) Haroon Rashid,”


Imran Khan Wants You to Read The Forty Rules of Love

He mentioned how he too is reading the same book on his ethnic heritage. Seems as though the PM is connecting with his ethnic roots.

“Volume 7 which I am reading is about Pathan tribes like mine who came from Afghanistan and settled in various parts of India.”

Looks like Imran Khan is developing a habit of handing out monthly book suggestion. Previously in November, the PM recommended we read ‘Capitalism’s Achilles Heel‘.


The book offers an interesting and informative account of how white-collar criminals, businessmen, and politicians illegally launder dirty money. The book journals impact of money laundering on individuals, institutions, and countries.

Prior to that, Elif Shak’s ‘Forty Rules of Love‘ made the list in October. The tale of divine love follows Rumi and Shams Tabriz through their spiritual awakening. However, the Turkish tale narrates the story with a fictional character Ella at the heart of the story.


Everyone Wants To Know What Book Imran Khan is Reading and Now We Know!

History of The Pathans is a more personal recommendation on Imran Khan’s part. The former cricket captain is an ethnic Pathan. The author of the book is deemed ‘a son of the Kohat soil’, from Pakistan’s FATA region in the Northwest, now a part of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

The book not only covers Pakhtun history but details the cultural heritage and traditions of the ethnic group.

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