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Here’s How Imran Khan’s Style Has Evolved Over the Years [Pictures]

Let it be said that Pakistan has a stylish head of state!


Canada, France and now even Pakistan has a head of government that is a heart-throb. Even at the age of 65 years (that’s senior citizen territory), Imran Khan is as stylish as ever.

The cricketer-turned-politician has gained more followers with his politics than he has with his dashing good looks. Or maybe its the other way round?

We take a look at how Imran Khan has reinvented himself with his ever-changing fashion sense, over the years. Here is a throwback to all his style statements along the way.

1. Shaggy mane and V-neck Sportswear

Image Source: Dawn
Image Source: Hello Pakistan Magazine

Back in his early cricket days, IK had quite a lion’s mane of hair. That mane was worn long, shaggy and relaxed. V-neck shirts were also a staple.

2. Acceptable in the 80s

Image Source: Hello Pakistan Magazine

Imran Khan certainly had the suave to pull off waistcoats with printed shirts. Can you believe this young buck turned into our prime minister (lucky us!)?

3. Bad Hair Day?

Image Source: Patrick Eagar, 1978

This phase went on for a while. We do not know how this happened but even the best of us have an experimental phase.

4. Trend Setter

Image Source: Pakistan Today

This is the first look that served as a style inspiration to others. No wonder Imran Khan was one of the pioneers behind ‘Eastern meets Western wear’ in men’s style.

5. Desi Boy

While Imran Khan was throwing fast Yorkers he had caught the hearts of the nation’s women. This was around the time he was being labeled as the most eligible bachelor. Throwing in a good mix of Eastern looks just added to that charm.

6. Upgrade on Shalwar Kameez

Image Source: Masala

Imran Khan started the trend of wearing leather jackets over Shalwar Kameez. Traditionally men wear a waistcoat. People that felt a leather jacket is too casual wore blazers instead.

Image Source: Pakistan Today

Imran Khan wore the leather jacket with some variations too. With a fur collar, loose fit, etc. The most favorite being with a red scarf.

7. Going Classic

Image Source: Masala



Soon afterward, the cricketer often sported shalwar kameez. Sometimes, with a super traditional take on the national dress of Pakistan.

There were some style upgrades as well….in three colors.

8. Relaxed Formal Wear


This leather jacket certainly stayed though. When PM Khan feels like the look is too casual, he swaps the jacket with a duster or blazer.

9. As a Groom

When Imran Khan married ex-BBC presenter Reham Khan, we got to see him in bridal couture.

10. Prime Minister’s White

Since being elected to office, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ditched colored shalwar kameez for all white. The leather jackets and dusters though are here to stay.

Bonus Round – Imran Khan in Jinnah Cap

Well someone had to do it. Imran Khan with that Jinnah cap is a style statement in itself.


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via Masala

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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