Internet Slams Harbhajan Singh For His Misogynist Remarks on Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty

“Apologise immediately”

Yesterday proved to be an unfavorable day for both Team India on the field and Harbhajan Singh in the online sphere. The ex-cricketer faced severe criticism on the internet during the India vs. Australia World Cup final, as a segment of online users condemned his sexist remark targeting actors Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty. The comment, questioning their cricket knowledge, gained traction and went viral during the match.

Anushka and Athiya were seated together at the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad, cheering for their respective cricketer husbands Virat Kohli and KL Rahul. During the first innings when the camera panned at the two actors, Harbhajan Singh was heard saying,

I was thinking about whether the conversation is happening about cricket or films. Because I am not sure how much understanding they have about cricket.

His comments naturally led to social media outrage on X (formerly Twitter) as users slammed him for his “misogynistic” take. Here are a few of the comments by enraged social media users, take a look!

Harbhajan has found himself embroiled in controversy during the World Cup on previous occasions. Just this month, he engaged in a verbal altercation on X when former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq suggested that the Indian player was on the verge of switching allegiances during the tour of the subcontinent nation.