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Irfan Junejo Shares His Wedding Vlog And Frankly We Are Grinning [Video]

This is worth a watch for Junejo fans.


The wait is finally over as Irfan Junejo has released his wedding vlog almost six months after his wedding.

Irfan Junejo kept us waiting for so long that we almost lost our hopes of getting to see what went around during our favorite YouTuber’s nuptials. But no more.


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Irfan Junejo and Wife Share The Vlog

Irfan Junejo shared the most important and beautiful Vlog of his life on his YouTube channel. And of course, we are all loving it.

Mr. Junejo took us behind the scenes of everything that happened at his glittering wedding ceremony.

We see the guy go for his wedding shopping, even messing up at times. We also see some good mehendi dances that went down. Finally, Irfan shows us how he takes a flight to London despite his wedding going on. There’s just so much packed in there, that we feel that it was worth the wait.

Football fans are going to love this. Towards the end of video, we get to see Irfan Junejo at the Camp nou (FC Barcelona’s home ground), and later at Anfield (Liverpool’s home ground). Perhaps the couple went on a honeymoon in Europe?

The Dulha Mian Diaries

The Vlog Dulha Mian Diaries was released on Wednesday and we still can’t get over it.

You can watch the vlog here:

Here’s how everyone reacted to ‘Dulha Mian Diaries’

Well, it’s worth watching it for the second time:

Liverpool fans surely loved his Anfield tour:

Junejo’s video is currently trending at number five on Pakistan! In fact, the Youtuber has received over 6 lakh views (and counting).

Irfan Junejo got married in February this year, and ever since then we had been eagerly waiting for his wedding vlog to be released.


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Written by Arslan Khattak


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