Is Amir Khan Trading His Gloves for a Career in Politics?

Wait, what?

As soon as someone emerges as a prominent philanthropist in these parts, the Pakistani public assumes that is laying down the groundwork to join politics. Recently, British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan had to come forward and answer questions regarding whether he considering a career in politics.

The story goes that Amir, who has also launched his charity the Amir Khan Foundation, was even offered a seat at the political table. However, he says that he had to turn down the offer.

The sportsman is more intent on helping society through his charitable organization. Amir Khan tweeted how he doesn’t want to join politics because he’s content with current Prime Minister Imran Khan at the helm. Quite a diplomatic answer, we say!


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Social media responds to Amir Khan

Of course, people had mixed reactions to the move. Some thought it was smart, while others thought it was funny.


Of course, there were some nasty comments as well:


You’ve gotta admit it. Some of these reactions are kinda funny.


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Social workers and philanthropists, such as Andleeb Abbas and Fixit’s Alamgir joined politics on the premise of their activism. However, do you think it is necessary that philanthropic efforts lead to a political career? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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