Is Drama ‘Baddua’ Inspired by Hira Mani’s Love Story?

The new drama serial Baddua has just dropped its very exclusive first episode with a powerful star cast and it seems that the drama will unfold towards a darker love story plot.

The storyline of ‘Baddua’ appears too familiar and is most definitely a cliche. But here’s something that may make you watch this drama: a rumor. It is believed that the opening love story of the drama serial is loosely based on actress Hira Mani’s first encounter with her husband. And how they ended up marrying each other.

The ‘Do Bol’ actress has been very vocal about her feelings for her husband Mani. In fact, in an appearance on Samina Peerzada’s YouTube show ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’ she openly claimed to have stolen her best friend’s boyfriend namely Mani (Salman Saqib Sheikh), who is now Hira’s husband.


The storyline of ‘Baddua’

‘Baddua’ introduces a university student from a middle-class family named Abeer, played by Amar Khan. Abeer is obstinate, fickle and someone who likes to flirt. She still appears to be in her adolescence and has a playful attitude towards life. Albeit, a real charmer, she has no emotional stability and habitually flirts with men for ‘time pass.’

Muneeb Butt plays a lead character and drama’s heartthrob named Junaid, who is Abeer’s best friend’s fiance. He possesses a coquettish nature and does not value his current engaged relationship and sways towards Abeer’s inviting charms.

Abeer manages to get Junaid’s number through trickery and sends him flirtatious messages. Surprisingly, Junaid has no qualms about talking to a random girl who texts him. He very easily gets into this relationship without telling the ‘stranger’ that he is engaged to someone. When they meet on a lunch date, he finds out that she is his fiance’s best friend and shows no reluctance in pursuing his ‘friendship’ with her.

On the contrary, Mohsin Abbas Haider plays a lovey-dovey boy who is head over heels for Abeer. He is still struggling with life goals but infatuated by Abeer’s charm but Abeer, being an egocentric individual, doesn’t value his true emotions and continues to lead him on.

So far, the rumor sounds true but we would leave that for the audience to decide. What is your take on it? Let us know in the comments below.


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