Is Sadia Imam Quitting Showbiz?

Here’s what the veteran actress has planned next.


Pakistani actress Sadia Imam has been part of the entertainment industry for quite some time. The veteran actress has revealed that she has no plans to quit showbiz any time soon. Instead, Sadia is all set to make her comeback with a brand new drama serial.


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According to reports, Sadia Imam was disappointed over the fact that people have begun to start spreading rumors of her retirement from the industry. Not only that, these people also claimed that the veteran actress is calling it quits due to her husband’s request.

Turns out there’s no truth to these rumors. Sadia took to social media to respond to these false assumptions made about her and her family.

“I haven’t announced that I am leaving showbiz, all such reports are nothing but rumors. My husband has never objected over my career choices and he is my major support. Due to the recordings of my upcoming drama, my husband would take breaks from work and come to Pakistan so that our daughter was not alone. After my parents, my husband is my biggest support,” she said.

Sadia Imam got married to Adnan Haider, a German-Pakistani, in 2012. The couple moved to Germany after marriage. The actress said that she did take a break from showbiz to focus on her family and added that she doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon.


Sadia Imam’s upcoming drama serial is expected to air pretty soon, so be sure to check it out.


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