Is Sequel of 3 Idiots Featuring Same Cast Coming Soon?

All is not well

Bollywood star, Kareena Kapoor Khan teased fans about a possible sequel of 3 Idiots in the works on Friday.

The popular Indian actress shared a clip on her Instagram, expressing her disappointment at Aamir Khan for keeping her in the dark.

Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, and R. Madhavan (aka Rancho, Farhan, and Raju) were seen reunited together for a press conference. The incident tickled fans’ curiosity, including Bebo, who hinted that “they are gunning for a sequel”.

Earlier this morning, Kareena Kapoor Khan took to her Instagram to share a video clip with her fans. In the clip, Kareena is in her usual fan-loving mood as she expresses her disappointment with her 3 Idiots costars reuniting without telling her.

She says, “These three are keeping secrets from us. Like something is fishy and please don’t say this is Sharman’s movie promotion. I think they are gunning for a sequel but only these three. Like how can… without me? I don’t think even Boman knows about this.”

Kareena further teases the audience by asking, “Aakhir chal kya raha hai yaar? (What is going on?). This smells like a sequel for sure.”

However, sadly Kareena and our dreams of a 3 Idiots sequel were proven to be false. It is to be noted that the clip featuring Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, and R. Madhavan is a fun Instagram reel to promote Sharman Joshi’s upcoming Gujarati film Congratulations.

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