Is the Ishqiya Finale What Fans Were Waiting For?

Not the usual Pakistani drama ending.

Hania Amir and Feroze Khan may have wrapped up things in Ishqiya, but fans are balling their eyes out over the ending. Yet not everyone is lauding its rather unorthodox ending.

Ishiqiya is a love story that follows four people. Two sisters Hamna and Romaisa, Hamza and Azeem. Hamna and Hamza fall in love, but alas, society takes Hamna to an arranged marriage with Azeem.


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A livid Hamza then decides he’ll marry Romaisa as a revenge plot against Romaisa. It’s odd how women are expected to set their own choices aside to ‘adjust’ to an arranged marriage. Then they’re also blamed for setting aside their own choices.

That explains why some fans saw nothing wrong with Hamza’s blackmailing, obsessive behavior, and toxicity. Meanwhile, a clueless Romaisa genuinely falls in love with her husband Hamza. In the end, when she does find out how her husband has been harassing and tormenting her sister, she leaves him.

Fans aren’t too pleased with that ending.

Certain dramas have now shifted their storylines to appeal to a younger and progressive audience. Which explains why Aina left her toxic marriage based on lied in Ye Dil Mera. Maryam left her toxic marriage to give her child a better life in Beti. The same goes for Romaisa in Ishqiya.

Well, at least this tweet explains it:


There were demands that Hamna should have been punished. Despite her going through years of torment at the hands of her ex, and brother-in-law? That wasn’t a walk in the park now was it?


Others were infuriated that Romi or Romaisa suffered in the end. They missed the part about her leaving the man who tormented her sister.


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However, the younger audience, got what the ending was about and the moral lesson behind it.


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