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Is U2’s Bono Coming to Pakistan? Salman Ahmed is Working On It

The Irish singer recently performed in India.


English band U2 is no stranger to anyone who has great taste in music. Who can forget Bono and his soulful rendition of With or Without You, a love ballad which remains as popular as ever even after the passage of 30 years.

But little do people know that U2’s Bono happens to be pals with Pakistani rocker Salman Ahmed. The Junoon member recently met with his Irish pal and hints that he’s interested in performing in Pakistan.

Salman and Bono are Social Activists

Bono has taken up a lot of causes such as humanitarian work for the elimination of HIV/AIDS and poverty alleviation, Salman has similarly done stellar work for the eradication of polio in Pakistan.

Oh and both tend to be rather upfront about their political views, for better AND worse. No wonder these two birds of a feather, flock together.

Salman Ahmed recently revealed how the two became friends:

“I met Bono two years ago in Oxford, England. Our mutual friend Jeff Skoll invited us to sing John Lennon’s Imagine at the Skoll forum in April 2017.”

Bonding over music? Of course they did! And guess what, Salman Ahmed had a Pakistani flag that he waved at the Skoll Awards. And Bono. And Don Henley, And Jeff Skoll. And Sally Osberg. Somebody should just give these showbiz legends a honorary Pakistani citizenship award already.

A Pakistan Visit in on the cards

Salman credits his friend Jeff Skoll for bringing Bono and him together. And this is where Salman dropped his huge hint:

“Our mutual friendship with Bono led me to invite Bono to Pakistan at his choosing.”

We’re excited if this happens. With Pakistan calling tourists to come explore the country and its hidden wonders, will a bigwig international rock-star like Bono make it? Bono himself is open to the idea.

Says Salman:

“The three of us are discussing the possibility in the near future.”

The three here include Jeff, Salman and Bono himself.

We guess that in light of the highly successful ongoing visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton, this idea does not seem that far-fetched.


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