Money Over Ideals: U2 to Perform in India Despite Their Crimes Against Kashmiris

Is the cash grab more important?

Irish band U2 is known for its humanitarian efforts but even they’re turning a blind eye on Kashmir. Pakistanis are calling out the band for ignoring the humanitarian crisis in Kashmir for money.

It all started when U2 shared that their The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 is heading to Mumbai, India.


The backlash was quick. This is the band’s first tour in India and they couldn’t have picked a worse time. Actually, given how politically active U2’s lead singer Bono is, we are surprised he really didn’t do his homework regarding the country he’s about to perform in.

The reactions were swift. Here’s what some people are saying about the band’s ill-advised tour to India:


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From calling out the band over their hypocritical stance on human rights. to subtle jibes and harsh insults, U2 just couldn’t get a break.


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People called out the band for selling out for money. Netizens are really doubling down on the dual standards here. U2 holds concerts for HIV/AIDs patients but a 42 day old (and counting) prison imposed by India over Kashmiris doesn’t matter to them.


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Then again when artists like Lorde, Lauryn Hill, and Coldplay boycotted Israel in support of the BDS Movement, U2 went ahead and sold tickets.


Some suggested that the band use the opportunity to call out the Indian administration on Kashmir (last chance to save face). The thing is will they learn now, or is a cash grab more important?


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