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ISIS Gets Scared of Coronavirus, Halts Terrorist Attacks

The terrorist group urges followers to wash hands and stay safe.

With the global epidemic of the coronavirus creating a state of panic everywhere, people are closely following public safety tips to avoid contracting the deadly virus. Everyone’s staying safe, avoiding public places. These people include businessmen, athletes, artists and even terrorists!

Yes, you heard that right. Apparently the mass-murdering group ISIS has issued a safety-first approach to the coronavirus epidemic and urged their followers to avoid travelling to Europe.

Not only that, the terrorist group has advised followers not to carry out any more attacks on the West, instead asking the followers to “stay away from the land of epidemic” for the time being.


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Just like global concerts and sporting events being cancelled worldwide, it appears that even terrorists are ‘postponing’ their evil mass-murdering plans due to the coronavirus. We suppose, ISIS doesn’t want one of their followers to contract the deadly virus while they are carrying out their own deadly plans.

In the latest edition of the terrorist group’s al-Naba newsletter, there is a full-page infographic that has a list of pro-tips to instruct militants on how to stop the pandemic’s spread.

ISIS members are advised to “put trust in God and seek refuge in Him from illnesses,” but to also “cover the mouth when yawning and sneezing,” and to wash their hands frequently.

Those who believe they might have contracted coronavirus are told to stay away from areas under ISIS control in order to preserve the health of others and fulfil the holy “obligation of taking up the causes of protection from illnesses and avoiding them”.

Stay posted for more updates about the deadly virus.

via The Times


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Written by Sher Alam


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