It’s Gone Viral: Pakistani Bride weighed in 70kg Gold Bricks in Dubai [Video]

Bizarre ritual!

Recently a wedding video of a Pakistani bride in Dubai got the traction of netizens because of all the wrong reasons. During a wedding ceremony in Dubai, a UAE-based Pakistani businessman weighed her daughter in gold at her marriage.

According to the reports, a dad who is Pakistani born weighed her daughter in Gold bricks as dowry on her marriage.

Here is the video below,

The groom’s name is Muhammad and the bride’s name is Ayesha.

The wedding is making waves in Pakistan and Dubai, the groom and bride made a filmy entry at their wedding venue. The father weighed the daughter in gold which later on weighed, 69 kg gold.

The viral video received a lot of backlash from the audience. They think with the prevailing economic crises in Pakistan and the disastrous earthquake situation in Turkiye and Syria this amount of money should have been donated for someone’s help rather than showing off.

Here we have gathered a few comments from the enraged netizens below.

Some people are even saying that it was a Jodha Akbar-themed mehndi and that these bricks are fake.