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“Judgmental Hai Kya” Poster with Kangana Seems Like A Blatant Copy!

A Hungarian freelancer has claimed the rights for the poster.

Judgmental Hai Kya poster

Kangana Ranavat-starrer ‘Judgmental Hai Kya’ is in the headlines again – for another wrong reason.

In Bollywood, Kangana is the epitome of controversy and everything she attaches to becomes controversial. Take her previous few films for example.

First, she got into an ugly fight with a reporter during the promotion of JHK, then she called the Indian media ‘pseudo-liberals’ in one of her comments.

Judgmental Hai Kya Latest Poster Reeks Of Plagiarism

And now, the poster of her latest release is under criticism for copying artwork from a freelance artist.


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Just a day after the release of Judgemental Hai Kya, a Hungarian model came out, calling the poster of the movie a copy of her own work.

Flora Borsi took to Twitter to blame the makers of the film for plagiarizing her creative work on the poster of JHK.

“Looks totally like my work!” said Borsi on Rajkummar Rao’s post.

In another tweet, she highlighted Kangana’s image and added,

“This movie poster plagiarized my art! Could someone explain what’s happening, please? This is not right.”


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No Permission Was Given

Later, in a Facebook post, Borsi said:

“They didn’t ask for any permission nor reached out to me. It’s a shame for big companies plagiarising freelance artists work.”

Balaji Films and Ekta Kapoor are yet to respond to Borsi’s claims. In any case, its evident that the artwork from the film took more than ‘inspiration’ from the Hungarian freelancer’s work. Bollywood is no stranger to ripping off work by other artists, but its good to see that it does get called out for its callous behavior every now or then.


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Written by Raza Rizvi


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