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Karachi Electronics Shop Owner Transforms His Daughters into Repairwomen

All 8 of his daughters are empowered ladies.

Naseeb Jamal

Every little girl, at some point in her life, has had her dreams crushed by the words ‘it’s not a man’s job’. While many parents hold their daughters back to protect them from the outside world, this Pakistani man has empowered his eight daughters.

Naseeb Jamal runs an appliances repair shop in Qasba Colony where he decided to impart his skills to his 2 elder daughters. But it wasn’t an easy journey, Jamal had to battle constantly with not just the outside world but also his own mother.

People would gossip, calling me a rebel. Even my mother said to me that what I was doing was not in line with our traditions and that it was not good for girls to sit at the shop

Everyone but Jamal was convinced that his daughters should stay at home. But the determination and enthusiasm that his daughters showcased put everyone’s concerns to rest. Now, six of his daughters are excellent repairwomen.

This is the way to strengthen women. They should not just be educated, but skilled as well. If they are skilled, they would bring more pride to their parents than any son.

Daughters are a blessing

Jamal, who has been working at his shop for about 20 years, decided to start this journey after constantly getting pitied by others for not having sons. He is not just changing his own family dynamic, but his story will encourage many others to put an end to stereotypical gender roles.

But why should there be any difference between a daughter and a son?

When his two elder daughters started repairing appliances at home, the rest of them picked up on the skills. On school days, the girls would go to the shop after their studies. They would stay there with their father till 9 pm.

So, was it all worthwhile for Jamal?

Whenever a customer expresses awe at their skill, my face glows with pride.

His relatives have a newfound respect for Jamal’s daughters, and some event want him to train their daughters. But since the shop is small and he has little resources, he can’t train the others.

Naseeb Jamal hopes that his daughters continue their education and that they pursue a career in engineering. We hope he gets financial aid from the government so that he can help other young girls in becoming independent.

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Via Express Tribune



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. Proud of you girls! Wish you a very bright future ! hope that your father’s dream come true and you become a successful engineer! Don’t give up keep learning with a smile. I am mother of three daughters and I am giving them the best education. I saw women in Hunza who were running their own shops and wish we can do same here

  2. Hats off to the courageous man of century. Indeed he is on a path that is perilous in our society. I wish him and his daughters all the success

  3. This is so appreciable that this man recognized the blessings of Allah and didn’t let the qualities and talents of his daughters waste.

  4. Must be a proud father. Daughters are blessings. Respect for you and your whole family sir. Proud of you. I am a father of a daughter too. A great lesson learned today.

  5. Very impressive and encouraging story. Very bold decision by Naseeb. Others should follow the example. The girls are in no way less talented than boys. On the other hand, the girls are hard working and more responsible than boys. Government should support Naseeb for the higher studies of his daughters.

  6. Commendable. If he’s willing to teach this to other girls but is short on resources, we can help him organize it into a vocational training center. Pl get in touch on following email address.

  7. Itz very inspiring story
    God bless dat father who taken dis step for girls .
    Positivity prevails everywhere after reading dis story.
    Such a great father .

  8. That’s so nice! Even encouraging. In today’s world skills are more than important. Theoretical education doesn’t mean anything if we don’t have any practical skills. Thumbs up!!

  9. Thank you @Yusra for writing such article. We need more stories like these and make women empowerment a norm of we want our nation to progress.

  10. This is very encouraging for those parents who have daughters only and they think the son can only be a supportive member of the family.I work in a hospital and see woman dlivering every year only for a son.This man sets example for those parents that daughters are blessings as sons.

  11. Overwhelms the west and all the rest. Zindabad Pakistan. Prof. Javaid Sayed of San Francisco Author of MAXIMS That Maximizes YOU

  12. When a lady can do lots of job why not she does repairing work . Mostly ladies are running boutiques , is that not a shop , because boutique is a high level shop ,lady is a doctor , pilot, nurse, mean every field of life all have shops . If that man doesn’t have facility to educate his daughter what he has he is faclitating his daughters what is big deal in it .So change your mind and empower your daughters

  13. ستاروں سے آگے جہاں اور بھی ہیں ایک عورت ٹیچر یا ڈاکٹر بن کر اسکول یا کلینک چلا سکتی ہے تو الیکیٹرانک مرمت کا کام بھی کر سکتی ہے انجینئرز لڑکیاں بھی تو یہی کام کرتی ہیں

  14. Bravo! He must be father of the century,who,s fighting the odds and bringing fariness into his home. May every girl and man of Pakistan should be blessed with such a father.

  15. So proud of Jamal for having the vision and staying the course. Its easy to get talked into not following what your heart wants to do. Kudos to his daughters. With jamals backing and support they followed their dream. MashAllah.

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