Karachi Kings Recycle Last Year’s Anthem as ‘New’ for PSL 9

Yeh Hai Karachi!? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Karachi Kings, one of the most prominent franchises in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), has come under scrutiny for recycling their anthem “Yeh Hai Karachi” from the previous season and presenting it as a fresh release for PSL 9.

The PSL fever has taken over, and one of the best parts of getting fans into the mood is a banging new anthem.

The unveiling of team anthems holds a special place in rallying fans’ hearts. Each team strives to captivate their supporters with a new anthem, setting the tone for the upcoming season. However, Karachi Kings’ decision to repackage their previous anthem has sparked disappointment among fans and critics alike.

The anthem, titled “Yeh Hai Karachi,” featuring Asim Azhar and Ali Azmat with Raamis Ali, may sound familiar to keen ears, and rightly so. It’s the same anthem used by the franchise in the preceding season, with only minor alterations made to accommodate changes in the team roster.

Here is the same anthem from last year:

This move reflects poorly on the franchise’s creativity and commitment to engaging their fan base. Instead of investing in a fresh composition that could invigorate supporters and reflect the team’s evolving identity, Karachi Kings opted for a seemingly convenient shortcut, recycling content from the past.

The decision to edit out scenes featuring former players and replace them with clips of the current roster further emphasizes the lack of originality in the approach. While some may argue that retaining elements of familiarity could foster a sense of continuity, others view it as a missed opportunity to reinvent and rejuvenate the franchise’s image.

As one of the premier teams in the league, Karachi Kings’ reliance on recycled content raises questions about their marketing strategy and brand management.