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Karachi University Tells Students to Use Social Media ‘Ethically’

Good thing or bad?

KU - Karachi University

Karachi University (KU) has directed its students to ‘use social media ethically’.

The question is, is the university right in demanding this? Rather than improving the quality of education, KU seems like its trying to coerce its students.

According to their new code of ethics for students:

“There should be no activity against the ideology of Islam and Pakistan, or national security and integrity, and no interference in the varsity’s administrative activities.”



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The interference in varsity’s administrative activities really sticks out like a sore thumb. According to The News, the university asserted that;

“Those studying at the university have no right to interfere in the administrative activities of the educational institution.”


Apparently this move comes after the university said it plans to crack down on organized student groups. KU Student Advisor Dr. Ali issued a statement encouraging students to monitor and tattle on students that are part of any organized group.

“The students must keep a strict check on such external individuals who come to the varsity and get involved in non-academic activities.”

One thing we can get on board with is the emphasis on the need to curb sectarian divide. The problem is while that is a noble idea, not allowing organized groups on campus like campus clubs will actually encourage groupings on the basis of ethnicity. When you take away things like literary club, math clubs, etc., students are left with nothing to bond over except ethnic identity.


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One Thing Right

Perhaps one thing the KU Student Advisor did right was ban the use of tobacco products on campus.

“Smoking and use and sale of gutka, paan and chalia is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with as per the law. … No unauthorised use of the varsity’s property is allowed.”



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There was also a warning for students carrying arms or explosives. Strict action will be taken against anyone found carrying arms or ammunition or explosive material on the campus.

Dr. Ali’s statement then listed some generic things like respect for teachers and the non-teaching staff; cooperation with the security staff for ensuring discipline; graffiti and posters on walls are also prohibited; all students should follow rules and maintain 75% attendance in classes.

Additionally, he said that:

“Any programme in the varsity will need a five-day prior written permission from the relevant chairman and department, and all co-curricular activities must be held with the guidance of the departmental student advisers.”

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