Students in Hostels Should Not Be Allowed To Go Out After 10 PM: DC Islamabad

Prohibiting grown adults from going out after 10pm, really?

University life is about exploring ourselves. As students enter adulthood, they have the right to spend their lives as they see fit, while also being mindful of the fact that they are now responsible for their own actions. Alas, this simple tenet of human nature is lost on the authorities in Islamabad, who have come up with a new rule to police students.

Recently Deputy Commissioner Islamabad released a circular prohibiting grown adults from leaving hostels after 10pm. A curfew on grown adults to be precise.


No this is not a drill. DC Islamabad, who is normally known for his sound head and warm heart, says he’s doing this because parents asked him to.

Obviously, students have a lot of issues with this new rule, and some vented their feelings over social media.


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Under this order, grown adults are not only prohibited from leaving hostel premises after 10 pm but also need to keep notes. A record will be kept of when they leave and return, as well as comparing these timings to their working hours.

Sure this makes sense If the city was in a state of emergency and everyone was ordered to retreat to their bunkers at nightfall. But detaining a grown adult against their will in a hostel, while asking for information about their whereabouts? That has gotten people understandably irked.

A lot of people are saying that your hostel warden does not have the right to know. So technically people can move to courts.

Does this make sense?

These are young adults gathered from all across the country, for opportunities to study and work in the capital city. They opt for hostels because of the security and community they provide in lonely large cities.

Rather than facilitate them, the authorities may end up creating more problems for these students. These individuals could face issues in their career prospects even. Think about all those jobs which aren’t 9 to 5pm.

Some adults are of the view that this curfew will help contain students from indulging in ‘unscrupulous activities.’



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As for safety, people wouldn’t mind the regulation. What use is there of this rule when police are supposed to do their job patrolling in the night. Prohibiting freedom of movement is neither here nor there.

Do you agree that there should be a curfew on students staying in hostels? Or do you believe this is a harsh measure that solves nothing?


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