Kashmala Tariq’s Son Identified as the ‘Driver’ by a Victim In Viral Video

On Monday, Tariq’s convoy crashed into a car and a bike – taking the lives of 4 and leaving 2 others injured.

On Monday, February 1st, Kashmala Tariq‘s convoy crashed into a car and a bike – taking the life of 4 and leaving 2 others injured. The accident wrecked havoc on social media. It was alleged that the assailant was their driver, but a victim’s testimony proves otherwise. Now, a video footage of an injured man confirms it was indeed Kashmala Tariq’s son, Azlan Khan, who was driving the car.


Kashmala Tariq's Son


The Accident

Reports spread on the internet like wildfire – Kashmala Tariq was traveling with 4 protocol cars when a devastating incident took place. The cars reportedly broke the traffic signal near Srinagar Highway, in sector G-11 Islamabad.

Videos started making rounds on social media – Kashmala Tariq’s son and husband were seen in disarray. Whoever was filming the video revealed that 2 had been killed. However, reports later revealed that 4 people were killed in this accident.

Moreover, Kashmala Tariq’s son, Azlan Khan, was also seen in the videos. He could be heard saying he was not behind the wheels at the time of the accident. Let’s take a look at this video:



Kashmala Tariq’s son appeals pre-arrest bail

At the time of the accident, Kashmala’s husband Waqas Khan was taken in for questioning. Others, including her son, had already fled the scene. However, an arrest warrant was given out for Kashmala Tariq’s son Azlan Khan.

Azlan has been granted pre-arrest bail by the court of Additional Sessions, Judge Mohammad Sohail. The bail was granted against surety bonds of Rs. 50 thousand till February 16.

Additionally, while addressing the media trial, Kashmala assured the public that her son was not guilty. She also added that her son was not in the car that crashed.


An injured eye-witness

One of the men who was injured during the accident sent out a video message. In the video, he says it was Kashma Tariq’s son, Azlan Khan, who was driving the car that crashed.

4 men were killed- Anis Ahmed, 22, Farooq Ahmed, 23, Hayder Ali, 22, and Malik Adil 23. And one survivor, who is recovering from his injuries, said this:



Who do you think is telling the truth here? Is it Kashmala Tariq’s son? Or the man who was injured in the accident? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.



Kashmala Tariq’s Protocol Convoy Crushes 4 to Death, Injures 2 [Video]

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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