‘Kill These Concepts of Mardangi’: Big Bro Ali Zafar Backs Danyal’s Style Choices

Ali Zafar is no stranger to style experiments himself

Actor and singer, Ali Zafar, has spoke up in support of his younger brother, Danyal Zafar, yesterday after people online trolled the Barwaan Khiladi actor’s new hairdo.

The younger Zafar had debuted a new plum and burgundy-toned wolf cut on his Instagram and asked his followers for feedback, but the comments he received were unprecedentedly in bad taste.

Ali Zafar

The Teefa in Trouble star encouraged his brother in his Instagram story and told him to keep his long hair and not dye it black again.

He wrote, “Now I will get upset with you [Danyal Zafar] if you cut your hair or dye them black,” and added

Gotta kill these concepts of ‘mardangi‘ (manliness) from stone ages.

The Kill Dil star went a step further and told his sibling to dye his long hair pink for the next photoshoot and wear a “bright fusia [sic] pink jacket”.

He concluded, “#GenZ bolay to (say what)!?”

The Barwaan Khiladi actor was quick to respond to his brother as he reshared the post good-naturedly but agreed on one condition:

Aap bhi koi bright green flashy si jacket pehnain (You also were some bright green flashy jacket).

About Danyal Zafar

The 25-year-old is a talented musician who is often overshadowed by his hugely popular elder brother, Ali Zafar, but has managed to carve out his own identity and style of music.


Danyal Zafar made his TV debut last year in Hum TV Network’s Ramazan play Tana Bana and continued his journey to success in showbiz this year, starring in Mahira Khan’s web series, Baarwan Khiladi.

It is nice to see Ali Zafar defend his brother on social media. We’ll have to wait and see if Ali Zafar accepts Danyal’s condition.


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