Last Episode of ‘Aazmaish’ Leaves Fans Unpacking A Lot


As drama serial Aazmaish comes to an end with a double episode and fans are left critiquing Shiza’s demise.

Written by Sameena Ijaz and directed by Fajr Raza, the drama serial Aazmaish highlights marital issues from society forcing women to get married for a ‘man’s shelter.’ The drama serial follows a widow that winds up in such a marriage.

The Aazmaish cast includes Kinza Hashmi, Yashma Gill, Shahood Alvi, Laila Wasti, Fahad Sheikh, and Gul-e-Rana.

A lot was packed into the double episode that served as the last episode, starting with the fallout from Shiza’s emotional outbreak, and suicidal death. However, Nimra and Basit got a happy ending.


The little things hit viewers hard.


Many fans had a lot to say and unpack with Shiza’s death. While fans thoroughly enjoyed Yashma Gill in the role, the suicidal death rubbed them the wrong way.


This kind of spoiled the ending for them.


Though the cast members and their acting totally saved the day.


There’s a love-hate relationship with the ending.


People are left psychologically affected by the ending. When people need psychological help, they should be provided with timely treatment. That’s something Shiza didn’t get, and felt her death was not justified.

Even though Shiza was an antagonist, she deserved better. Audiences deserved closure.

Most people were of the view that the antagonist doesn’t always deserve a brutal death. Rather allowing them to grow, learn, get psychological help would have been better. That’s something we saw in the drama serial Sanam.

The drama serial is another Big Bang Production. Other creations from this production house include Meri Guriya, Jalan, and Dunk.


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