Naked, Tortured Man Found Trapped In Mehran’s Trunk at Dolmen Mall [Video]

The mysterious incident took place in the parking lot of the posh mall.

In odd circumstances, a naked man was found in the trunk of a car at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi. He was discovered and rescued from the trunk of a parked Suzuki Mehran after people heard cries for help.

According to Halat Updates, despite people wanting to help the battered man trapped in the trunk, Dolmen Mall security prevented them from doing so. Mall security cordoned off the limited area surrounding the car and waited for police to arrive.

“They saw a naked man, not mentally stable or tortured inside an AWM560 Mehran,”


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Based on what Halat Updates had to say the man might have been mentally unstable or tortured. However, the question remains who placed him in the trunk and left him there.

“He smelled as if he was there for 3-4 days in the car.

There is no update on who owns the vehicle, the identity of the man, his mental and physical health.

Dolmen Mall falls within the vicinity of the Boat Basin police station. The Boat Basin police have not released a statement on the matter.



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Just As Bizzare Trunk Story

Back in 2016, a man suffocated to death in a trunk in Muzaffargarh. The man went to see his beau and she tried to hide him from her family members and hid him in a luggage trunk.

According to police, the man was identified as Mushtaq. The resident of Langar Sarai went to meet his cousin at her residence. However, when the girl’s family members arrived home, he was forced to hide in a chest.

He suffocated to death after remaining locked up in the trunk for one and a half hours. A police case was registered and two people were arrested for interrogation.

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