Madrasa Teacher Gets Arrested For Violently Beating Young Girls [Video]

When cruelty goes too far.

Madrasa Teacher

Since homeschooling is not a common practice in Pakistan, most parents have no choice but to trust educational institutions. Teachers are given a high level of respect in Islam, and parents somehow feel confident in entrusting their children to their guardianship. But what is a parent to do when a teacher lays his hands on his students, and that too in a very sadistic and cruel manner?

We were reminded of these harsh realities once again when footage of a Madrasa teacher violently beating up a young girl went viral on Twitter. The teacher can be seen hitting the little girl with a rubber pipe, all the while when she’s screaming and crying for help.

According to reports, not only was the father of the child beaten up by clerics when he complained about the beater, but even the area’s police were not keen on taking an action.

Here’s what one Twitter user posted to inform the authorities of the situation:

Mullah Ahmad Saeed tortures innocent children in Madrasa Khalid Bin Waleed Orangi Town Mominabad Zia Colony. When the father complains, the father of the children is beaten by all the Maulvis in the mosque.
Andheri Nagri Chopat Raj Mominabad police station refuses to take action.

Note: The following video is not meant for the faint of heart, and comes with a trigger warning.

Angry Netizens

The post not only went viral on social media but it also led to discussions about corporal punishment. People are demanding strict action against the culprits. Some even tagged Murtaza Wahab, the Adviser to Chief Minister of Sindh on Law, Anti-Corruption Establishment, and information.

Here’s what some of the people had to say:





Legal Action

Murtaza Wahab soon took notice of the incident. He informed the Assistant Inspector General [AIG] police in Karachi.

Later he took to his Twitter account to inform the public that legal action has been taken against the Madrasa teachers, and they are currently behind bars.



While teachers are highly respected in our society, it is incidents like these that put a doubt in the minds of the parents. While employing physical violence to discipline a child isn’t unheard of, we do believe that these wanton acts of depravity and sadism have no place in a civilized society.

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