Maham Aamir and Faizan Sheikh Reveal Their Simple Love Story

Simple yet beautiful in its own way.

Maham Aamir and Faizan Sheikh

2017 represents a special milestone in the love story of Maham Aamir and Faizan Sheikh. That was the year they both had their nikah ceremony. Fast forward to 2018, their wedding festivities took place. They were extremely grand events because both Maham and Faizan’s industry friends graced the wedding with their star presence.


Although their fans had believed that the two had been dating for a long time, the reality was different. The duo recently opened up about how they fell in love.

The Surprise Proposal

Maham and Faizan both appeared in a recent Ramzan Transmission on Express TV during which they shared their simple love story.

Maham started the conversation by saying:

Although people expect it to be a very thrilling love story. Our’s is very simple.

We were driving and the car stopped at a signal and Faizan asked me if I would marry him and I said yes, simply.



She went on to say that they had already developed a great sense of understanding amongst the two and Faizan’s mother had already approved the union of the couple upon finding out that Faizan was interested in Maham.

Let’s take a look at their interview here:

The saas-bahu camaderie

Faizan also spoke about the fact that his mother, actress Parveen Akbar, and Maham both share the same Zodiac sign. He went on to add that they have a really great bonding because they gang up against him on a variety of matters. This seems like a classic case of saas, bahu aur saazish.



Jokes apart, sometimes, the simplest stories are enough to restore our faith in love. Maham Aamir and Faizan Sheikh’s story definitely managed to remind us how easy it can be to end up with the individual of your dreams. Kudos to them!

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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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