Maheen Ghani Drops ‘Taseer’ From Her Fashion Brand

The move comes after her divorce.

Designer Maheen Ghani announced her split from husband Shahbaz Taseer on New Year’s Eve. While Shahbaz Taseer still hasn’t commented yet, Maheen is already moving on by dropping her ex-husband’s name from her brand.

The designer decided to drop the ‘Taseer’ from her brand MGT (Maheen Ghani Taseer) after her divorce with Shahbaz Taseer. Her brand has now been renamed Maheen Ghani Trends (MGT).

Maheen Ghani
MGT replaces ‘Taseer’ in the brand name to ‘Maheen Ghani Trends’



Shahbaz Taseer and Maheen Ghani Are Getting Divorced

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According to MGT manager Waseem, the name was changed two months ago. He revealed now the brand name has been changed legally.

“Since the divorce has been finalized we have changed the label name to Maheen Ghani Trends.”

The MGT designer launched the fashion label MGT in 2015. The brand MGT was in the spotlight after her hit-and-miss showcase at PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2015.

Maheen Ghani’s ex-sister-in-law, the daughter of late Salmaan Taseer, Shehrbano Ellahi also designs luxury wear for her label ‘Aurora’.

The son of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer called it quits with his partner of nine years. Shahbaz Taseer was kidnapped shortly after his marriage and his wife waited five years for his return.


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In 2016, Shahbaz Taseer was kidnapped by the Taliban from Lahore, and taken to Afghanistan where he was kept for five years.

In that time Maheen received tremendous support on Twitter as she grieved but remained hopeful of her husband’s return. The two had a child together in January, 2017.

Maheen announced her divorce her New Year’s tweets earlier this week. There is speculation that Shahbaz Taseer was caught cheating which is why the couple got divorced.


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