Mahira Khan and Kubra Khan Fall Victim to Anxiety During Lockdown

This is a tough time for everyone.

mahira and kubra

The whole lockdown scenario has put a full stop on our daily routines. While it is extremely necessary to stay indoors and avoid large gatherings, it is not unfair to say that this situation is causing a lot of mental unrest.

Seeing the daily news coverage nowadays will definitely make you anxious more than ever. This self isolation time is making things difficult for most of our friends. Hang in there a lot more guys, we are all in this together.

Mahira Khan’s Ode to Anxiety

It looks like this quarantine is not going well for Mahira Khan either. She says that her long lost anxiety is hitting back in.

“Dear anxiety, be kind ffs. Your long time lover, X”


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Her followers and friends sent love and prayers her way to comfort her. Sometimes we need the words of others to help us go through the day.

In the comment section, Kubra Khan also sent love and hugs her way.

“We’ll get through this,” she wrote.

While trying to cheer her up a little bit, Kubra expressed her restless state of mind too. She said that she could relate to it as she is going through the same thing.

“I relate to this. I don’t know about corona yet but Anxiety is really screwing with me rn.”

We really hope that we get through this phase safe and sound. Our warm regards to all those who are going through a tough time in these circumstances.

This too shall pass.


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