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Mahira Khan Shares Cute Selfie with Her Makeup Artist and Photographer

Mahira khan is one selfie superstar!

Mahira Khan

If you are designer or a make up artist, and you live in Pakistan, chances are that you dream of working your magic on Mahira Khan. Mahira is of course, one of Pakistan’s most beloved and successful stars.

Mahira has a well-established reputation when it comes to looking flawless, even baring her natural beauty. #Nomakeupsquad. She is the queen of carrying herself with grace and dignity.

Whether she’s in New York and chilling in the most casual wear you can imagine, or whether she perks up for an award show, she’s makes it all seem so effortlessly stylish. She is the queen of Lollywood by this point.

                                 Mahira Khan looking onwards to her rightful place at the top. 

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Mahira Khan Reveals Who is the Love of Her Life

A Good sport

Mahira Khan is famous in the industry for being a true professional and a good sport, with no bad blood with anyone. No beef in public or private. A real good cookie!

Recently, she was part of a cute post on Instagram, with the famous makeup artist and photographer duo, Maram Azmat and Aabroo Hashmi. As she gracefully smiled, displaying her pearly whites, dressed in a white sweater with fiery red lips, Aabroo Hashmi clicked the picture.

                                    The Three Musketeers or should i say, The three Cleopatras?

Mahira Khan

The duo has often collaborated with Mahira Khan for various projects, including her debut film Bol with Shoaib Mansoor.

Now we know who the people behind Mahira Khan’s beautiful style are.


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Written by Suleman Saleem


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