Mahira Khan Starrer ‘Razia’ Transfixes the Audience With Its Strong Message

Express Entertainment’s new drama serial Razia offers a refreshing change of pace, serving as a welcome departure from the frequently recycled themes and clichés that saturate our TV screens and occupy our thoughts. Mahira Khan, in her role as a self-aware and fourth-wall-breaking narrator, not only acknowledges but also celebrates this divergence within the show, establishing the groundwork for a wonderfully eccentric and captivatingly immersive journey.

Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan has this time made a powerful comeback on television screens with an exceptionally brave yet equally magnificent character in her just-released drama serial Razia whose first two episodes have blown everyone away.

The drama serial Razia is based on a mind-blowing storyline that offers strong punches to the patriarchal barriers and norms of the society which have always dragged a woman into a lot of suffering. However, it was Mahira Khan’s excellent narrations that made the storyline stand out with such transfixedness.

‘Razia’ unfolds some harsh realities of the society associated with women including negligence of her existence, harassment, ignorance, inequality, violation of rights, and so on.

Here are a few of the reactions by the public after the heart-gripping two episodes of this mini-series written and directed by Mohsin Ali.


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