Mahnush by Maha Chishti: Empowering the Transgender Community Through Art

Pakistan’s first-ever inclusive brand aims to promote ‘trans-equality’ nationwide.

Mahnush is an inspiring project that aims to help raise awareness about the Pakistani trans-community and promote ‘trans-equality’. Founded by Maha Chisti when she was only 18, it is Pakistan’s first brand that offers exclusive artwork and handmade pieces designed by transgender artists.

As the Chairperson of Mahnush, Chishti aims to help keep talented transpeople off the streets and facilitate them to work in an inclusive and respectful environment.

You can learn more about it from this video by Super Talented Women.

Speaking about the handmade items, Chisti said,


They (transgender vocational and skilled workers and artists) have worked very hard to produce home accessories, decorative items and other things.



When it comes to the transgender people of Pakistan, there is a lot at stake, a lot that is misunderstood, and a lot of work that needs to be done. Unfortunately, this is the most marginalized community whose members are often disowned by their families and relatives, and are forced to have to face mistreatment, harassment, and degradation on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that they are forced to live on the fringes. Discrimination and violence are the norms for them, and they also have limited access to education, healthcare, employment, and even basic human rights.

However, in spite of all the hardship and mistreatment, there are still people out there, fighting to create a more inclusive space for transgender folk.

Let’s do our part and help promote these amazing artists. What do you think about Mahnush and its handmade pieces? Let us know in the comments down below.