Mamya Shajaffar and Shaan’s Niece Get Drunk at Ayesha Fazli’s Lewd Birthday Party

Probably too much Rooh Afza in their cup.

Shaan Shahid’s niece, Natalia Shahid, and the not-so-Meesni Mamya Shajaffar got drunk together at Ayesha Fazli’s birthday party. The two divas are probably not drinking Rooh Afza as they got into some lewd shenanigans.

Mamya Shajaffar wore a black slit dress and a matching corset with blood-red heels as she played some tunes on a grand piano.

It seems like Pakistani celebrities are making sure to have as “fun” as possible before appearing on Ramadan transmission to preach Islamic values to their fans. With the holy month right around the corner, Ali Zafar’s wife hosted the birthday party that was attended by Shaan Shahid’s niece, Danyal Zafar, Aimal Khan, and designer Hussain Rehar.

mamya shajaffar

mamya shajaffar

mamya shajaffar

Mamya Shajaffar shared a few clicks with her bestie Natalia Shahid. She wrote in the caption,

Friends are like music, they are all different songs, some make you sad, some leave you with bitter sweet memories, some are your constants, some evergreen, there’s also those that come forth after years but whenever they do it’s wholesome, and this song reminds me of chaos and laughter 🌪🤗

mamya shajaffar

Mamya Shajaffar, Danyal Zafar, and Natalia Shahid

Natalia Shahid also shared a few “deleted” clicks from Ayesha Fazli’s birthday party.

mamya shajaffar

Mamya Shajaffar or Maham Shahid Jaffar is a Pakistani model, dancer, illustrator, and actor who is known for her bold and sassy personality. She has been seen in public wearing questionable clothing and is not afraid to flaunt her curves.

She can be currently seen in the drama serial Meesni as Sahira opposite Bilal Qureshi and many others.

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