Mamya Shajaffar Enjoys Into the Wild Time Off With Her Husband and Friends

“Wednesday Thursday”

The bold and fierce model cum-actress, Mamya Shajaffar had a mid-week break after 20 long days of work and she can’t praise enough this much-needed break around her loved ones. She shared some of her lovely pictures from Wednesday and Thursday enjoying the serene beauty of God with her husband, pet, and her best friend.

She captioned,

My weekend after 20 days.

It’s been a blessing,

I am thankful for a loving man by my side,

A loving child in the form of Zorro,

A loving friend by my side @hira_asim

Blessing that my skin can fully breathe without any makeup after so long.

Thankful for the eyes that can witness the beauty of God, limbs that work so we can explore, parents that are living and I pray for them to only see happier and healthy days.

Thankful for the sun, the trees, the wind. So much to be thankful for.

Mamya Shajaffar or Maham Shahid Jaffar is a Pakistani model, dancer, illustrator, and actor who is known for her bold and sassy personality. She has been seen in public wearing questionable clothing and is not afraid to flaunt her curves.

It’s no surprise that Mamya has become a popular figure on Instagram. Her rise to fame began when she started posting videos of herself dancing to popular songs in her unique style. Her videos quickly gained popularity, and her fan base began to grow exponentially.

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