Marina Khan Lashes Out On the Producers Of ‘Yaara Vey’ For Not Paying Her

Khan made a frustrating revelation regarding the film Yaara Vey’s producers

There has been a constant feud going on in the industry between producers and actors for quite a while now. Time and again we see actors complaining about putting in such hard work on a project and end up disappointed for not being paid. Previously, Saud and Javeria had been under fire for such a felony. The couple was brutally exposed and bashed by the actors and netizens for the deliberate treason. Recently, the veteran actress Marina Khan is in the same sitch. Khan took it to her gram and made a frustrating revelation regarding the producers of film ‘Yaara Vey’, amid its release date announcement.

“To all my Instagram followers, I am very upset that this movie is being released as I was not paid by the producers the full amount they promised me. Also they kept delaying the contract signing.”

Marina Khan went on to say that

“So technically if I wanted I could probably put a stay order on the release, but I am lazy and frankly don’t give a rat’s ass anymore. To the producers of this film, all I can say is shame on you.”

People came forward in support of the living legend Marina Khan, they lamented over the lack of respect shown towards the actress.

Yaara Vey is directed by Manish Pawar, it has been produced by Beeline Productions. The movie’s cast includes Sami Khan, Nasser, Faizan Khwaja, Jawed Shaikh, Marina Khan and Ali Sikander.

It is slated to release on September 16th, 2022.