Mashal Khan Comments On Ali Ansari’s Engagement With Saboor

Mashal Khan was previously dating Ali Ansari

Mashal Khan was under everybody’s radar after Ali Ansari and Saboor Aly’s engagement. The former had been the ex-girlfriend of Ali and the two of them shared quite intimate pictures on social media. However, after their breakup, they moved in different directions.


In Pictures: Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari Get Engaged In An Intimate Ceremony

Despite parting ways, there was constant commentary from online trolls about Mashal and Ali’s relation. This compelled the Khawabnagar ki Shehzadi actress to post her statement on Instagram.

Mashal Khan is disappointed

Mashal said that she was disappointed over the fact that she was unnecessarily being dragged into a controversy.

She concluded by saying: “I wish the best of luck and congratulations for their happy union. Let’s not try to ruin someone’s moment shall we?”

In a recent interview, the actress confessed that people become invested in celebrity relationships.

“People follow celebrity couples and get really invested but when they break up they don’t tell you so you are like I have invested myself and now I need to know. But obviously, these things are so personal and something people can’t understand. Breakups are not always violent and aggressive.”

She apologized publicly for not talking about her breakup and said, “I feel bad about not talking about breakup with my fans. I just want to say sorry and if was up to me and if it was not about peoples’ heart I would have surely spoken about it. I hope they understand.” said Mashal.

All of this drama began when pictures of Saboor and Ali’s baat pakki function emerged on the internet. The sudden announcement turned out to be a major surprise for everyone.



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