Maya Ali Beats Her Male Trainer in a Fun TikTok Challenge

Maya: 💯, Her Trainer: 🥚

Showbiz diva, Maya Ali showcased her fitness in a fun TikTok challenge, beating her male trainer in a test of balance.

The Yunhi star shared a cute clip of herself and her trainer, Waleed, attempting a popular yoga trend, which required both of them to sit on their knees, arms behind their back, bend down, and lean forward without losing balance and falling forward.

The two got into position, ready to take on the challenge. Maya displayed remarkable skill and stability, gracefully maintaining her balance throughout the maneuver. On the other hand, her trainer, Waleed, struggled to keep his composure and ended up hilariously falling over.

With a playful sense of humor, Maya shared the amusing clip on her Instagram, adding a witty caption,

Apparently this challenge is a current trend, so thought I would do it with my trainer. And guess what, people were right. 😜😜 Better luck next time Waleed. 💪🏻

Fans were thoroughly entertained by Maya’s fitness and quipped at the trainer’s fail, saying that she should be the trainer instead. The video quickly garnered attention and was met with an outpouring of love and laughter from the actress’s admirers.

Maya Ali is not only a phenomenal actress but also a style icon. She surely knows how to carry any look and rock it. Even her casual, everyday style serves us some serious style goals.

She has always been known for her fun-loving nature and infectious charm. Her participation in the viral TikTok challenge further endeared her to her fans, showcasing her playful side.

Maya Ali is soon going to shine again on the big screen in the much-awaited Shoaib Mansoor film, Aasmaan Bolay Ga, opposite Emaad Irfani, which is dedicated to the late Junaid Jamshed.

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