Maya Ali Brings Back Mirror Work For Winter Glam [Pictures]

Better than bedazzling!

Maya Ali offers a quick fix to looking good this winter season, festive collections. Now this festive wear is revisting classics to add drama. It actually fits perfectly with the mood set in by the pandemic, do less and still look good.

Despite winter headed straight this way the festive season doesn’t seem like its about to slow down anytime soon. Good thing brands like Crimson already have a winter festive collection prepped for the occasion.

The retailer collaborated with Saira Shakira to create the collection titled ‘Musafir‘. The collection is trying to tap into regional ethnic influences, but ends up coming off too minimalist.


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From muted hues, to tame color combinations, this collection is largely playing it safe.


Even orange, yellows and blues have been toned down.


However, items works like ‘Sheeshay Hazaran‘ and ‘Mast Musafir‘ add the va va voom the initial collection was missing. Peering into a mirror couldn’t be more glam. Anyone can look good in these outfits, not just Maya Ali.


Sheeshay Hazaron‘ are clothing items featuring mirror work, a hand embroidery technique. The mirror work really adds all that extra drama. It’s like dressing up a monochrome look with red lipstick


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Nothing beats classic black though. Mast Musafir features Crimson’s signature laser appliques. That paired with the gold-work on the dupatta and black is even far less subtle.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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