Maya Ali Has a Message for You This International Women’s Day

It’s Women’s Day ladies, so treat yourselves like you should.

maya ali

Maya Ali wants women to embrace their inner diva because it’s International Women’s Day (treat yourself, ladies).

Since its International Women’s Day, there will be plenty of ‘pundits’ going around telling you what kind of woman you can and can’t be.

The Teefa in Trouble actress has a special message for women on this day commemorating the struggles of working women.

In a video message, the actress called for women to just be yourself, and that’s the most beautiful you can be. Maya Ali explained how beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Your personality should be unique, no matter if you’re vocal or introverted.

“Few months ago I got a message from a girl who said that she wants to look like me and follow in my footsteps. That made me realize that instead of believing in ourselves, we tend to follow others. Sometimes we don’t have trust in our abilities, so we try to copy others.”

The actress then explained that the first thing strong women do is embrace who they are, inner diva and all. Yes, you can be a handful but “whoever you are, whatever you are, own yourself, stay true to yourself.” 


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The actress cleared the idea of what a diva is. She added that a diva is not a celebrity. Maya told women that trying to be those celebrities is not what makes you worthy. We as women need to recognize our worth and stop compromising on that to accommodate others.

About International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March, 8th all over the world. This day commemorates the women’s rights movement from 1848-1920, which was a labor movement. That was when women demanded equal socio-economic opportunities because until women are economically self-sufficient, they can’t be involved in the political dialogue.

Women with confidence in their abilities, can achieve anything they want. Many female celebrities have also made it a point to promote messages of self-belief and self-esteem.

When women are equal contributors to the economy and politics, this is when there will be adequate female decision-makers for women. Over the years, this included many movements and campaigns encouraging women to partake in decision-making themselves.