Meera Jee is Making a Film on Her Life!

The Lollywood star will be producing the upcoming project.

meera jee

Popular Lollywood star Meera is set to produce her own telefilm. This upcoming film will be based on her own life.

2020 has been a rather difficult year for Meera Jee. The veteran actress had experienced a lot of setbacks and issues throughout the year — including some rather life-threatening incidents.

Its not a stretch to say that things have been rough for the Lollywood star. From her legal battles to financial issues, Meera remains strong and is ready to make new content for her fans.

On Thursday, she announced that she will make her own telefilm based on her real life.


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The upcoming project will feature the Baaji star as a producer, with Sooraj Baba as the writer for the script. Baba has said that the veteran is a real-life heroine in reality as well, not just in films.

While Meera prepares for the telefilm, she also has to tackle some fraud allegations against her by the Lahore Press Club. According to reports, an organizer, Saleem Guddu, has accused Meera of leaving an event after taking an advance of Rs. 100,000 and some dresses. The organizer claims that he suffered a loss of Rs. 600,000 after Meera’s ‘no show’ on the Hyderabad event.

The actress denies any wrongdoing and said she’ll hang herself if she’s proven wrong. Meera has told the media that she asked the state agencies to hold her accountable.

It remains to be seen when we will get Meera’s telefilm and what to expect from it. Stay posted for more updates.


Meera Breaks Down Over Fraud Accusations [Video]

Written by Sher Alam


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