Meet the Miss Universe 2023 Contestants from Muslim Nations Including Pakistan

These empowering women look to break barriers on the world stage.

The Miss Universe competition is an annual showcase of beauty, intelligence, and advocacy, bringing together women from around the world to compete for the coveted title.

The 2023 edition promises to be a memorable event, featuring contestants from various backgrounds and cultures.

Notably, this year’s lineup includes impressive representatives from Muslim countries, each with a unique story of resilience, passion, and commitment to making a positive impact.

Miss Bahrain – Lujane Yacoub

A 19-year-old actress and dancer from Bahrain, Lujane stands out as the first Smile Train ambassador from her country. With a diverse heritage, born to a Bahraini father and an American mother, Yacoub’s advocacy extends to empowering children through art and expression.

Her project, Project Hero, introduces fancy dressing to children in special needs schools and hospitals, emphasizing the importance of creativity and inclusivity.

Miss Indonesia – Fabiënne Nicole

Fabiënne Nicole Groeneveld is a dynamic individual dedicated to women’s empowerment. The 23-year-old Indonesian businesswoman, philanthropist, and model actively supports victims of domestic violence through her platform “Empower Now.”

Her commitment to turning survivors into advocates showcases the transformative power of empathy and support during challenging times.

Miss Kazakhstan – Tomiris Zair

A 20-year-old model and marketing student from Kazakhstan, exemplifies loyalty and perseverance. Zair’s journey towards the Miss Universe stage is driven by her desire to inspire young people in Kazakhstan, demonstrating that dreams can be realized through hard work and dedication.

A talented musician, she plays the dombra and piano, adding a touch of her country’s rich cultural heritage to the global stage.

Miss Kosovo – Arbesa Rrahmani

A 22-year-old model and actress from Kosovo, embraces modeling as not just a job but a life passion. Overcoming obstacles, she went against all odds to succeed in the industry, drawing inspiration from her supportive family.

Rrahmani, who enjoys singing, radiates power and determination, showcasing the strength of her character as she competes on the international stage.

Miss Lebanon – Maya Aboul Hosn

A 25-year-old Lebanese model and beauty pageant titleholder, brings a wealth of experience to the Miss Universe stage. As a model, influencer, and television presenter, she has left her mark on various platforms.

Aboul Hosn’s diverse talents, including her role as a red carpet correspondent, highlight her versatility and ability to represent Lebanon with grace and style.

Miss Malaysia – Serena Lee

A 24-year-old law student from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, combines beauty with brains. Pursuing a law degree at the University of Leeds, Lee is set to be a strong contender for the international crown.

Her stunning beauty and charming personality, paired with her dedication to her studies, make her a well-rounded representative of Malaysia on the Miss Universe stage.

Miss Albania – Endi Demneri

A 24-year-old model from Albania, uses her platform to advocate for endometriosis awareness. Recently featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Demneri emphasizes the need for women to identify and seek treatment for the condition.

Her commitment to change women’s lives based on personal experience adds depth to her role as a Miss Universe contestant.

Miss Egypt – Mohra Tantawy

The 21-year-old model from Cairo, Egypt, graduated in business and marketing from New Giza University. As an activist, she campaigns for women’s rights and equality through education.

Tantawy, who didn’t grow up competing in pageants, aims to use her unexpected journey to Miss Universe Egypt as a platform to inspire strength and resilience among women in her home country.

Miss Pakistan – Erica Robin

Making history as the first-ever Miss Pakistan to compete in the Miss Universe pageant, Erica Robin is a model and passionate advocate for gender equality.

As a Christian in the minority in Pakistan, Robin uses her platform to highlight the importance of religious diversity and equality in the workplace. Her dedication to volunteering at the Karachi Down Syndrome charity reflects her commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.