Mehar Bano’s Viral Dance for Beyoncé Gets Tongues Wagging

The ‘Taxali’ star couldn’t contain her excitement seeing ‘Queen Bee’ live on stage.

Actress Mehar Bano has irked fans once again with her bold fashion and devil-may-care attitude after she shared a video clip of herself and a friend dancing their way to a Beyoncé concert in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The video of the Taxali star in a revealing green tube crop top with one sleeve and a bodycon skirt quickly went viral, as she and her friend couldn’t contain their excitement to catch ‘Queen Bee’ live on stage during her ongoing Renaissance World Tour.

In the video, the duo can be seen dancing and skipping from their hotel room to the parking lot, grooving during a subway ride, and finally arriving at the entrance of the concert venue. Netizens criticized her outfit and her antics.

The concert happened last month, but Mehar Bano is still on a high about the experience as she shared the reel on her Instagram with the caption,

Us on our way to see queen bee 🥳 not knowing how to act 😝.

Critics took issue with Mehar Bano’s outfit, which they deemed as overly revealing, and her enthusiastic dance moves, which promoted vulgarity. Social media users flocked to the comments section of her post to express their disapproval, with some accusing the actress of setting a poor example for her followers.

One Instagram user wrote, “I used to admire Mehar Bano for her talent and grace, but this is just too much. Is this the kind of role model she wants to be for young women?” Another comment read, “There’s a difference between having fun and promoting vulgarity. She needs to learn that.”

A popular showbiz diva who has been part of the industry since 2011, Mehar Bano is an actress and model. She made a name for herself starring in hit drama serials like Daagh, Balaa, Churails, and the mini web series Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam.  Aside from acting, she is also a dancer.

The 28-year-old owns her own studio in Karachi, called ‘Sway Dance Project’ where she trains young people in dancing and acting.

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