Memesters Troll Ahmed Ali Akbar by Whitening Parizaad’s Skintone!

In the latest episode, Parizaad got an appointment for his cosmetic surgery from a center in Dubai that sparked a meme fest on Twitter.

Blockbuster drama Parizaad has garnered a lot of praise nationwide as well as across the border. The music, the story, the acting skills – everything is helmed to perfection and appreciated by many on Twitter as well as other social media platforms. With his impeccable performance, Ahmed Ali Akbar has won millions of hearts. His titular character has been making headlines ever since the drama went on-air.

Akbar is enjoying every bit of his massive success with the drama Parizaad. People from around the world are lauding Akbar for his exceptional acting skills. The drama as well as the actors have gained an overwhelming response from around the world. The hit drama continues to wow the audiences and the lead actor Ahmed Ali Akbar is on the receiving end of a lot of praise.

“Parizaad” written by Hashim Nadeem and directed by Shahzad Kashmiri, emerges as different not only because it is a male-oriented story while the times are known for showing only woman-centric serials, but also because it challenges multiple stereotypes. From skin color to masculinity, the serial starring Ahmad Ali Akbar refutes a lot of society’s fixed notions.

In the latest episode, Parizaad got an appointment for his cosmetic surgery from a center in Dubai. He picked to go for a whitening makeover to impress his love interest. To look great while meeting his darling RJ Annie, who is additionally going to have her eye medical procedure to get her vision back. Parizaad’s inspiration for brightening is to look great and adequate while Annie opens her eyes and gains her vision.

The appointment for whitening treatment sparked a meme fest on Twitter.

The troll army did not come slow and generated several memes carrying out comparisons between Parizaad and Ahmed Ali Akbar’s complexion, which is hilarious.

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