Karachi Eat: Internet Warns People Against Going Amid Omicron Surge

Amid rising COVID-19 cases, people are worried of another virus outbreak.

The COVID-19 pandemic is on the rise again as more cases surge all across the country. Amid the rise coronavirus cases, the government is looking towards the NCOC to take a decision for another lockdown.

Meanwhile, Karachi has other ideas, the city is planning to start its very popular Karachi Eat Food Festival. It should be noted that the COVID-19 cases in Pakistan’s largest city has reached over 31% since yesterday!

The Karachi Eat Festival 2022 will take place in the port city from today onwards till January 16, which is this Sunday. The venue for the event is the very popular Beach View Park in Clifton. There is growing concern from the public to postpone the festival in the event of another catastrophic breakout of the virus’ new variant, the Omicron.

However, the organizers are not in the interest of shutting down the event. Instead, visitors for the Karachi Eat Food Festival 2022 are requested to wear masks and strictly follow the SOPs. Which is ironic, since the whole concept of the event is for people to remove their masks and eat food in a large gathering.

A number of people have expressed concerns, questioning organizers and authorities if a food festival during a time of increasing COVID-19 cases is a “wise idea”. People cannot seem to understand the logic behind this decision. Here are a few reactions of netizens regarding the Karachi Eat Festival. The #KarachiEatsCanWait is currently trending on social media.


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Written by Sher Alam


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