Mexican Police Arrests The Knife-Wielding Chucky Doll

The Chucky doll and its owner were arrested by police for threatening people with a knife.

In a very unusual incident, the police in Mexico arrested a Chucky doll which was being used by its owner to scare people. The owner Carlos N used Chucky, a doll that local authorities there have dubbed a “demon doll”, to terrorise residents by brandishing an actual size knife to demand money.

The former director of the Monclova Police, Juan Raúl Alcocer, explained

He put the doll in their faces and was scaring people, it is an offense, for this reason he was arrested.

The pair was caught in Monclova, a city in the Coahuila state of northern Mexico, for posing a threat to the public and disrupting the peace.

They were both handcuffed when they arrived at a police station, where their mug shots were also taken. According to the outlet, the knife-wielding doll was propped up against the wall and held by its hair when the picture was being taken. The doll was also wearing its signature denim dungarees.

Images of the doll being handcuffed and posed for a mugshot quickly went viral on social media.

Chucky, the possessed doll, became famous after the release of 1988 horror film ‘Child’s Play’. It was presented as a killer Good Guy doll that had his soul transferred into the doll by using voodoo. Despite the small size, Chucky had the strength of a fully grown man.