Minal Khan Shares How She Begged On The Streets Of Karachi

People think that the life of actors and actresses is so glamorous without any effort. In reality, we often cannot fathom that they too struggled, did odd jobs, and worked hard to reach where they are now. An old interview of actress Minal recently resurfaced online Minal Khan, in which she shared how she had to actually beg on the streets of Karachi for her debut project.

Minal Ahsan or Minal Khan is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The actress has made a name for herself in the entertainment business due to her brilliant performances. The young actress has starred in several big hit drama serials such as Nand, Jalan, Hasad, and Ishq Hai. The fashionista is also a businesswoman and runs her own clothing brand AnM Closet with her twin sister Aiman Muneeb.

On the work front, the star recently signed a new project with her husband Ahsan Moshin Ikram for a web platform. It will be her first project after getting married.

Currently, an old interview of the Nand starlet is doing rounds on the internet in which she shared about the start of her acting career. During the interview she shared that it is not so easy to become successful you have to do some things which you can’t even imagine doing ever in your life.

She shared that during her debut project her director asked her to really beg on the busy streets for authentic depiction and none of the people around her were actors. That was all so real and she was just thirteen years old at that time. Take a look at the video clip below.


She also mentioned that these two to three hours of experience made her realize how rude people are to the beggars in reality.