Mohib Mirza Addresses the Rumors of Cheating on Ex-Wife With Sanam Saeed

Actor stated only he has access to his divorce deed, not Wikipedia.

Recently actor Mohib Mirza has clarified the situation following allegations that accused him of infidelity towards Aamina Sheikh with Sanam Saeed. The star openly addressed the controversial rumors during an interview with Adnan Faisal, the host of the FHM Pakistan podcast. When queried about the origins of his relationship with Sanam, Mohib directly responded to Adnan’s inquiry.

He cleared in response to social media users accusing him of cheating,

Do you want me to recall the Nida Yasir story? Your issue is the assumption that I was cheating [on Aamina]. Who is assuming this? I was not married when I got involved with Sanam. How do you know? Do you have my divorce certificate or does Wikipedia have it? My marriage had ended when I pursued Sanam.


Rubbishing the charges Mohib slammed his critics for forming baseless assumptions without evidence. He furthered on,

No one here can question this because I have my divorce deed and I know the reality. If I don’t want to announce it even now, it’s my choice. No one else has probably had a Nikkah as simple as mine.

Initially, he was married to Amna Sheikh, they had a daughter named Missa. The pair, however, secretly broke up. Mohib married Sanam Saeed following his divorce from Amna Sheikh. Although they kept their romance a secret for a while, they last year made their marriage public.

Mohib recently revealed that he fell for Sanam Saeed while shooting for their 2018 drama series Deedan.

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