Mohib Mirza Reveals the Romantic Tale Behind His Relationship with Sanam Saeed

The duo’s love story began in 2019.

Actor and talk show host, Mohib Mirza, opened up about the charming love story that led to his marriage with fellow actress Sanam Saeed earlier this year.

During the latest episode of the Knock Knock Show, Nida Yasir posed a “chatpatta” question of how Mohib met Sanam.

With a playful grin, Mohib decided to “one-up” Nida’s question by sharing not just where, but when his feelings for Sanam Saeed began to bloom.

Instead of offering a straightforward answer, Mohib Mirza chose to reveal the intimate details of their romantic journey.

It all traces back to the scenic sets of their much-loved drama serial, Deedan. Mohib couldn’t help but reminisce about how the enchanting locations, coupled with their on-screen chemistry, had played a pivotal role in bringing the two talented actors together on a personal level.

With a chuckle, Mohib couldn’t resist adding a touch of humor to his revelation. He playfully noted, “It was quite easy to look into her eyes, you see, as she is fairly tall.”

The candid confession from Mohib Mirza shed light on a budding romance that blossomed behind the camera, ultimately leading to the two actors tying the knot earlier this year.

Fans of Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed were delighted to hear the heartwarming story of how their favorite on-screen pair became a real-life couple.

The showbiz duo have become everyone’s favorite celebrity couple ever since rumors began circulating about their relationship. People overjoyed when the two finally spilled the beans and official confirmed their marriage.

Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza

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