Mohsin Haider Abbas Gets Dragged to Court Yet Again

The actor is in the news again.

Fatema Sohail

After Mohsin Haider Abbas’ previous run-in with the law vis-a-vis a domestic abuse against him, his ex-wife Fatema Sohail has taken him to court yet again. The former Mazak Raat host is refusing to pay child support to Fatema it seems.

The Rooh singer says that he can’t provide childcare for his son because he can not afford to.

His ex-wife filed a petition in a family court seeking child support from the Na Maloom Afraad actor. However, Mohsin Haider Abbas refused to pay for his son’s expenses. The Deewar-e-Shab actor stated in his response to the court that he can’t afford to pay child support.

“I was previously paying for the expenses of Fatema and my son, ……… butt I can’t pay for them anymore because I don’t have a job or money.”



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Judge Myra Hasan heard the petition. The Baaji actor stated that he’s going through a ‘financial crunch’. Some in the biz are boycotting the Muqabil actor after his legal scuffle with ex-wife Fatema Sohail when she filed a domestic abuse lawsuit.

Yet there are still people willing to work with him and even supporting him. Recently Pakistani music streaming app, Patari released his song Rooh. When he had just announced that Rooh was in the pipeline, many celebrities came out in his support.

Court has been adjourned till January 27.

There’s More

Besides the domestic abuse charges, Fatema Sohail had also accused Mohsin Haider Abbas of threatening her and extorting her father for five million rupees.


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The Baaji actor was later found guilty of threatening his wife. Later she won the divorce petition she had filed in court and the two separated legally.

Fatema Sohail came forward with domestic abuse claims against Mohsin by sharing images of her bruises and wounds in a Facebook post last year.

She then opened up about the actor’s infidelity and how he assaulted her when she confronted him. Fatema Sohail maintained that Haider had been beating, abusing, and assaulting her since they tied the knot in 2015.


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