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Shocking? Mohsin Abbas Gets Messages of Support From Many Celebrities

Looks like everyone has forgotten the domestic abuse allegations against the actor.

mohsin abbas haider

Aside from the glitz and glamour, the entertainment business has its fair share of shady elements. We all know the domestic scandal between Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatima Sohail that shocked the nation.

Many people condemned the actions of Mohsin Abbas for abusing his wife, which included notable celebrities as well. However, now that the case has been concluded, we find that some celebrities are now supporting Mohsin as he makes his comeback into the industry with a brand new song called “Rooh”.

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The Scandal That Shocked The Nation

In July, Fatima Sohail accused her husband for alleged domestic abuse and had the wounds to show for it. She posted on Facebook saying the incident started last year in November when she found out that Mohsin Abbas was cheating on her.

The actor denied all allegations and the two parted ways. The public outcry against Mohsin was intense, which is why many celebrities came out in support of Fatima and blacklisted Mohsin for the time being.


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All Is Forgiven?


Ever since media attention has died down on the scandal, the same celebrities are now supporting Mohsin Abbas’s comeback!

It is shocking to see how these influential people are now ignorant of Mohsin’s alleged domestic abuse. Some of these public figures include Humayun Saeed, Abrar Ul Haq, Nauman Ijaz, Nimra Khan, Nausheen Shah, Faakhir Mehmood, Noor Hassan, Amanat Ali, Sohail Haider and many more.

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Is This Not Hypocrisy?

This kind of hypocritical behavior makes people question whether principles and values are worth standing for anymore?

On one hand, the same people appreciate women for demonstrating courage to break out of abusive relationships, while on the other hand, they come forward and support the very person that represents abusers.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Mohsin Abbas should be given another chance? Or is he yet to pay his penance?


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. The author is obviously biased. Does he not believe in innocent until proven guilty. Also, the wounds may just be makeup or self inflicted. She never went to hospital to get a medical examination.

    Stop promoting biased news!

    • It’s not about whether he’s guilty or not. It’s about these influential celebrities not picking a side. Either stand by Fatima or support Mohsin. Can’t do both. That’s hypocrisy.

  2. yeah it is top class hypocrisy. I am not surprised for such support to mohsin abbas type culprit from all these so called artists except nouman ijaz, nayyer ijaz and noor ul hassan. I consider them nice and well behaved people. But after their best wishes to mohsin abbas. I am really disappointed

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