Money Heist Fans Go Gaga Over Professor’s Lookalike In Pakistan

Professor lookalike

As the hype around Money Heist is raging once again with season five, people have spotted a Professor lookalike in Pakistan!

Are we just seeing things or is this the real deal? Twitter is flooded with pictures of this doppelganger. The Professor’s doppelganger is apparently selling groceries in a Pakistani store.

Is this retirement? Did the professor leave the adrenaline rush of heist behind for a quiet life? Was his exit just staged?


The guy who found the Professor is a Dallas-based photographer named Syed Adil Farooq. Maybe Adil Farooq can share more insights on our man’s whereabouts.


If Adil Farooq is a Karachiite, people might already have an idea who’s the doppelganger he’s talking about.


Netizens had a range of reactions, some of which are hilarious.


Netflix’s popular Spanish series, Money Heist is finally coming to an end with season five. As soon as Netflix dropped the show people started streaming it. Of course, this led to reactions and spoilers. The memes made it easier to say goodbye to the iconic show.

People are still hoping for another season.

Spanish actor Álavaro Morte played the Professor in the series. As a central character throughout the series, he is a fan favorite. Currently, people await five more episodes of Money Heist Season 5.

This picture of Professor’s doppelganger at a convenience store or medical store in Karachi, Pakistan only has our imagination running wild.

Only five episodes of Money Heist Season 5. were released as the season was split into two parts. Part 2 will air on December 3, 2021.