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Muniba Mazari Celebrated as Asia’s First Wheelchair Bound Model

The industry has a come a long way from casting a paraplegic

Its been around four years since Toni & Guy’s launched its ‘Women of Substance’ campaign, hoping to focus on inclusive and diverse models from all around the world. And now, Pakistan’s very own Muniba Mazari has been chosen for the global style campaign as well.

Muniba Mazari, a motivational speaker and artist, started as a model with the ‘Women of Substance’ campaign by Toni & Guy. At the time, this made her Asia’s first wheelchair bound model.

The motivational speaker is also the United Nations’ First Woman Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan.

As a campaign that brought about a wave of body positivity in the industry, this was a big move and we’re glad Tony & Guy did that.

What Muniba Mazari has been up to these days

Since her first modeling days Mazari went on to become a television host. Now she inspired people with the stories of others.

The artist hasn’t put out any new artwork. However, she has put out a single with Haroon, a reboot of his national song Dil Se Pakistan.

As for her modelling career, she is also a brand ambassador of Pond’s miracle woman and Body Shop Pakistan.

Meanwhile the global industry has come a long way. There is a plethora of plus size models being cast in the West. Runways across the globe have a variety of color and ethnicity in the mix.

Image Source: IMAXTree

Besides inclusivity, when it comes to diversity, handicapped models are also having their moment. Viktoria Modesta was the first model with a prosthetic. Now models with all sorts of physical disabilities from prosthetic limbs to eyes are being cast.

Transgendered models are being given some spotlight both in Pakistan and abroad.

Image Source: BBC News

Even autistic models are being cast. Many of them teenagers. Ghanaian  Yacoba Tete-Marmon, Nana Ohenewaa Kuffour and Maame Bema Baffour Awuah even won awards.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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