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With the whole lock-down and quarantine situation due to the coronavirus in Pakistan as well as around the world, celebrities are getting more in touch with their fans and followers. Since there is no TV or big screen project to keep them busy, celebrities are finding it hard to stay relevant or trending on social media. While some do charitable work, others try to connect with their audience and followers that have been closely following their lifestyle.

Recently, Naimal Khawar fans got a chance of getting-to-know her better as Mrs. Hamza Ali Abbasi decided to do a Q&A on her Instagram.

It has been a while since Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar got married, enjoyed their honeymoon and Hamza announcing his departure from showbiz to focus on a more Islamic lifestyle. Thus, fans have been curious to see what Naimal is up to these days and how she goes about her daily routine, staying motivated with everything that is going on.

Naimal is undoubtedly a creative person but we already know this due to her beautiful artwork. However, we still don’t many things about her which she shared in a recent online Q&A session.

Check out some of the things people asked her during this session.


Well, that was insightful! If you still have more burning questions to ask Naimal, her Instagram Q&A session may still be ongoing.

What are your thoughts and what would you like to know more about Naimal Khawar. Share your questions in the comments below.



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